Lady Gaga – “Applause” | New Music

Over the weekend the Mother Monster Lady Gaga took to Twitter page to vent her frustration at the news that snippets of her much-anticipated new single “Applause” had leaked on to the internet, over a week before it’s scheduled release date of August 19.

An unprecedented fan-led anti-piracy campaign thus followed as thousands of fans joined an ethical crusade to blow the whistle on outlets found to be promoting illegal streams and downloads of the track. Whether or not this was entirely successful remains to be seen, as the “Born This Way” singer declared a “POP MUSIC EMERGENCY.”

A decision was made to push forward the track’s release as she announced it would be sent to US radio immediately. This rush-release of course now puts the single head-to-head in this weeks Billboard 100 with “Roar,” the new single from Katy Perry, which also leaked over the weekend.

Sonically the track is certainly one to light up any disco, with ‘electro-pop fun’ being the order of the day. The singer specifically highlights the extent to which she thrives off the adoration of her fans, which isn’t at all surprising. We certainly look forward to a spectacle when she performs this at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards.

Take a listen to the full audio below in the mean time, in all it’s legality.

“Applause” is the lead single from Lady Gaga’s upcoming ARTPOP album [pre-order here], which is set for release on November 11 through Interscope Records and will be available in both digital and physical formats, as well through her very own Apple and Android compatible mobile app.