KRS-One – “Disaster Kit” (Hurricane Sandy tribute) | Stream/Download

With the Hurricane Sandy clean-up under way, and millions of people in the U.S. and the Caribbean trying to recover from its devastating impact, KRS-One has teamed up with legendary hip hop/reggae producer Mad Lion for “Disaster Kit,” a track which he hopes will help prepare communities for growing environmental instability.

The veteran South Bronx rapper, who received a BET Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008 for his role in the Stop the Violence movement, and who sometimes goes by the stage name Teacha, commented, “This is an opportunity to show the world what hip hop is capable of. Obviously this project isn’t about raising money or making money. This is purely about knowledge and survival; I truly hope the world benefits from these words.”

He says that the track, which he has made available for free download, intends to provide a “mental checklist against natural and man-made disasters.” Whether the track actually does provide any useful help or not, it’s good to see that the hip hop community is addressing these issues head-on.

Earlier today Ice Cube released a video which also drew attention to natural and other disasters; it seems that the industry’s most famous counter-cultural figures are leading the way in the response to Hurricane Sandy and other environmental issues – younger rappers take note.

Stream and download “Disaster Kit” below, and spare a thought for those affected.

Listen: KRS-One – “Disaster Kit” | DOWNLOAD