Kool A.D. (of Das Racist) – The Palm Wine Drinkard (Mixtape) | Free Download

Das Racist have really grown on me these past 12 months. Although the group are still tight, the trio each plan to release a solo mixtape, with Kool A.D. up to the plate first. Kool reminds of that quirky-cool kid who you might spot in the corner of the library, probably reading up on 1960’s American sub-culture while rolling a J. Nope, just me?

Anyway, The Palm Wine Drinkard‘s tracklist and download link are below, where you’ll discover a classic Das Racist clusterf**k of “I don’t know what the hell it means but it sounds kinda dope”.

01 The Palm Wine Drinkard
02 Lagrimas Blancas
03 Titties Out
04 Booty In The Air (2009 DJ Prick Nasty Exclusive)
05 A Ganglion Of Lightnings
06 Girls And Women
07 Fun
08 Flying Thru The Air Inna Airplane
09 Eight Elvises
10 Antenna Man’s Theme
11 You Can Sell Anything (Mega Dance Premix)

Download: Kool A.D. – The Palm Wine Drinkard

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