Kon Boogie f/ Silent Knight – ‘About My Business’ | New Music

Prepping his debut album, My Glorious Imperfection, Queens-based producer-rapper Kon Boogie (the first part being an acronym for Knowledge Over Nonsense – a concept deeply rooted in the man’s sound) debuts the project’s first single with “About My Business”, which features frequent collaborator, Silent Knight.

Over an uplifting and uptempo antique-style instrumental, Kon takes it back to the basics of the genre he loves, essentially outlining why he is doper than you and yours: “I got that LLC flow, I’m bout my business, religiously countin’ c-notes/ While you lie about, homey my mind is crowded, why you stressin’, I’m dressin’ – a thousand islands…”

You can stream “About My Business” below and purchase on Amazon if you like what you hear. My Glorious Imperfection is coming soon.

Listen: Kon Boogie f/ Silent Knight – ‘About My Business’


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