Kofi Black f/ Raekwon – “I Love Your Crazy” | Music Video

With an influx of R&B singers being birthed into the masses, competition is undoubtedly rife. An uninvited scepticism plagues the R&B industry as some may argue that most new acts lack the ability to provide a sound that is distinctive. New generation R&B is entangled in a web full of repetition and a decreased element of enthusiasm and soul (an outstanding difference if you compare it back to the ’90s), but as the clouds part and the sun rays dawn on 26-year-old, New York Staten Island Native, Kofi Black, it seems that real R&B could potentially make its way back.

Embracing his West African heritage (“Kofi” is a name that derives from Ghana) and his deep roots in church (often singing in his church choir), it is no surprise that Kofi got bitten by the creative bug from such a young age. Self taught on piano, drums and bass guitar, his passions are largely evident pushing him to the forefront as his musical capabilities exceed the expectations of your average artist.

Honing in on his craft and refining his vocal presentation, in 2004 Kofi Black began to sing background vocals for R&B Legends such as Joe, Raheem Devaughn and several others. In 2007, he received a song-writing placement with label giant Def Jam which then paved an avenue for greater opportunities.

Sought after by several labels, his biggest deal yet surfaced in 2011 with Ice H20 Records. The label – founded by Wu Tang Clan veteran Raekwon and his executive partner Kareem “Kay” Woods – saw the production of Kofi’s first official EP entitled Lovesick. The EP, released in March, consists of eight tracks worth of heartfelt penned declarations and R&B club hits. This melodic catalogue of songs is a fine introduction to what Kofi has in store in the future for his fans.

Download: Kofi Black – Lovesick EP

His first music video “I Love Your Crazy” (taken of the EP)  featuring Raekwon has been making its rounds online, ‘serving up the smooth’ as the Americans cleverly like to label Kofi’s musical style. Captured in sepia shade, the simplistic visuals blend in with the sensuous vibe of the song and Raekwon’s added ‘cool’ appeal is indeed the icing on the cake.

Expressing similarities to the likes of Carl Thomas and embodying a hint of Akon’s hit making flavour, Kofi Black could be that singer who helps to re-establish the authenticity of the R&B genre.

Kofi Black online: kofiblack.com / @KofiBlack / Facebook / Tumblr / YouTube

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