Killer Mike talks about the importance of Black History Month [Video]

I consider myself to be a proud Black man that has the utmost love for his culture and people of his culture, however, I’m not entirely sure why (till now) I haven’t yet posted anything in celebration of the American Black History Month, which ends unfortunately today. It has been a very busy month for me, as it has been for each member of the SoulCulture team, but that in itself is no real excuse. If I have time to blog about Lupe Fiasco, Klashnekoff and Rick Ross surely I should have time to blog about my culture.

Subconsciously, it probably has something to do with not wanting to put forward a post about generic topics that usually arise during Black History Months in America and the UK and the fact that Black History is should be celebrated, talked about, blogged about everyday or more realistically, for more than just for one central month. But as my mum says “better late, than never”.

Grand Hustle recording artist Killer Mike a.k.a Mike Bigga, known for his strong views on issues involving Black people and Black culture, sat down with the good folk over at 3 Little Digs to discuses the importance of Black History Month, its effects on society and a few facts Black people all over the world will be surprised to find out. Watch below… Happy Black History Month!