KiD CuDi takes it back to VHS for ‘Indicud’ behind the scenes clip [Video]


Kid Cudi is on a giving spree lately, not only gifting us with new music but also taking us behind the scenes as he documents his journey in making his upcoming fourth LP Indicud. In true Cudi style, even his behind-the-scenes footage is given a nonconformist twist as, instead of filming scenes in HD, he takes us back with some nostalgic VHS footage.

In the first short video clip dated March 26th, Cudi opens up about the intro to his new album where he talks about having super powers – something he was always told by others – and how it’s most exciting for him to hear people listen to his album the first time around.

“The exciting moment was the first listen because you’re only gonna consume that intro once in the way that I want you to cosume it.”

The next scene sees the King Wizard leave a TV studio where a swarm of his die hard fans are waiting for just a glimpse of the Cleveland-repping artist, but he makes sure to take the time to sign autographs and take pics with them as they yell how much they love him.

The video clips will be appearing on Cudi’s new Tumblr page with many more to come in time. Watch the first installment below.