Keyshia Cole talks marriage, motherhood, her upcoming biopic & album #5 (Video)

Oakland songstress Keyshia Cole took to Ustream on the release day of her latest album, Calling All Hearts, to answer questions from fans about her current relationship and why she’ll gladly take her fiance’s last name, motherhood, the impact her reality show [Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is] had on her family, how she stands out from other female R&B singers today and relationship advice.

She also talks about an upcoming movie about her life, being encouraged to to sing by her childhood babysitters and reveals plans to tour in Spring.

With her fourth album out now, Keyshia is about to go straight back into the studio and start working on number five and a possible live album.

“Hopefully this next album – because I’m already gonna start working on it – will be the dopest album ever,” she says, “because I don’t feel that I’ve reached my highest potential and I know that I can do so much better – and I’m excited about doing so much better. I want to do a live album and that could be after this next one that I plan on doing..”

Calling All Hearts is out now via Geffen Records [iTunes / Amazon].