Keri Hilson working on “new sound” for new album | Music News

After keeping a low profile recently, US singer-songwriter Keri Hilson has now unveiled more details of the direction she intends to go in for her third studio album. The project, which follows the release of 2010’s No Boys Allowed, will deliver a “new sound” from the singer.

Speaking with AOL’s TheBoombox, Hilson reveals: “I’m working on a new sound. I just love to challenge myself. My first two albums to me were incredible. They were a moment in time. In A Perfect World was very emotional and tapped into how I was feeling at the time. And my last album, No Boys Allowed, that’s how I was feeling at the time as well [laughs]. I was being very territorial, very instructional on how to become a man and what we deserved and demanded as women.

“The new music has kind of both sides: very emotional, but I’ve also gone through some hurt in the past couple of years. I’ll be explaining some things.”

However, fans of Hilson may be in for a long wait, given she intends to take her time on the album, as a means of being able to deliver her strongest material yet.

Hilson says of the album’s release date: “I don’t know. To tell you the truth I don’t want to know [laughs]. I just write about my experiences and keep the release dates far, far from me. When I feel that I have [good material] I will give it to the label. But I’m not quite there yet. I’m still working.”

Are you anticipating Hilson’s next release?