Keri Hilson talks break-up inspired third album, loneliness + UFOs with Fuse TV [Video]

Hit singer/songwriter Keri Hilson recently sat down with the people at Fuse for an “incredibly intimate interview,” in which she discussed the sound of her third album, overcoming loneliness and her crazy, recurring dreams.

When asked about the worst break up she’d ever had the Decatur, Georgia native explained that it would be the reason for her third album that she’s still writing. “I’m still going through [it]” she says. “That’s why [the album is] mid-tempo, that’s why it’s emotinal, and that’s why it will probably be some of my best work yet.”

Following on from talking about her recent break up, Hilson also opens up about conquering her biggest fear of being lonely, and how she learnt to treat herself better. “I was afraid of being lonely for a long time and I had to just grow comfortable with myself,” she explains. “If no one’s gonna treat me good then I’ll do it myself. I love me.”

The next question was more of a random one, asking what her favourite dream was. She chose instead to talk about her least favourite dreams, which turned out to be dreams of the world ending; “It’s always to do with a natural disaster. They throw my whole week off,” she says. “Another time it was UFOs or something and they were fighting above us and we just knew it was over. This is very personal!”