Keri Hilson Just Wants To Be “F*cked”: Interview With Perez Hilton (Video)

Following the controversy around “The Way You Love Me“, Keri Hilson sat down with Perez Hilton. Keri defended the raunchiness in the video. “Sometimes I do just wanna be fucked,” she says, before declaring herself a “freak”.

“I can’t allow other people, or the media to dictate what I can and can’t do.” She continues before adding, “TLC didn’t do that. Josephine Baker didn’t do that. Madonna didn’t do that. Janet [Jackson] didn’t do that.”

I think Keri Hilson is probably missing the issue with her video. The problem isn’t her being sexually overt – many female singers have been so before her without criticism (Adina Howard, anyone?) The issue is how it’s presented. No matter what pseudo-feminist spiel she delivers, seeing the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer writhing on a door and thrusting her crotch isn’t empowering or innovative, is cringeworthy. To me, the “The Way You Love Me” video is reminiscent of Kiely William’s “Spectacular” – except Keri’s video had a budget.

Beyond this, Keri’s current stance seems to contradict her views in a 2009 interview with Complex:

I don’t want to be oversexed! I don’t want to sell sex, I want to sell music. I want to inspire others, I don’t want to be one of those people who’s always throwing their body at the masses. What good does that do? Besides sell records. Men don’t buy records, anyway.

Keri’s forthcoming record, No Boys Allowed, will be released on December 14th.

[Props to TGJ]