Keri Hilson: “I have no interest in being ‘safe’ anymore…” (Video)

“I think the best work comes from a fearless point of view, a fearless perspective,” Keri Hilson tells Necole Bitchie during some Up Close & Personal ‘Girl Talk.’

“That’s what I’ve learned. I do think I was safe [before]. I have no interest in being “safe” anymore and posed and proper because that’s not my reality,” Keri comments, going on to address the widespread criticism she received for her recent raunchy video, ‘The Way You Love Me‘.

“I’ve probably had fewer sexual partners than a lot of people who are crucifying me doing a video like that… Not probably, I know I have.”

She also opens up about her new album No Boys Allowed, relationships and insecurities, rappers wanting to date her for publicity and being honoured to perform at VH1 Divas.