Kendrick Lamar talks about his growth, maintaining his focus, his debut album + more [Video]

While in Washington for radio station KUBE 93’s Summer Jam music festival early last month, Kendrick Lamar sat down with personalities J. Moore and DJ Hyphen of KUBE’s Sound Session for a chat about a number of things including his career growth, remaining focused on the music and much more.

Since the K-Dot we know today has fans all around the world, it becomes easy to forget that he was just another independent artist trying to be heard not too long ago. He pinpoints the time he realized that his work was finally beginning to pay off.

“I think it had to be the Kendrick Lamar EP,” he said, referring to his 2009 project. “I did a show in New York and people started to show just as much love as they did in L.A. That’s when I knew it was bigger than just my own backyard.”

When asked if he’d be branching off into any non-music ventures now that he’s out there, Lamar says that ancillary businesses are in the cards but only after he gets where he wants to be musically.

“I’m still a student of the game,” he says, humbly. “Jay-Z had to make Reasonable Doubt before he got Rocawear, y’nahmean? So I gotta make my Reasonable Doubt first.”

Check out the full interview below.

[Props: 2DBZ / D. Conger]