Kendrick Lamar freestyles on ‘The Come Up Show’ [Video]

Kendrick Lamar is a pretty good rapper.

If you’ve heard his Section.80 project or pretty much any other verse that’s ever been released from his lungs, you’re already aware that the previous sentence is a gross — and almost disrespectful — understatement. In actuality, K-Dot is an animal. The kid says he’s from Compton but he rhymes like he grew up in the L.A. Zoo.

During a recent visit to Cosmic Kev‘s Come Up Show on Philly radio station Power 99, the 25-year-old MC made Method Man‘s classic “Bring the Pain” beat his bitch, absolutely ripping the RZA production to shreds for nearly four full minutes.

That boy good. (No Randy Watson.) Check it out after the jump.