Kelly Rowland: “Urban Music Is What Got Me Here; Dance Music, I’m Inspired By..”

The ever beautiful Kelly Rowland talks to Walmart Soundcheck about being a people person, how “Rose Colored Glasses” came about and drawing inspiration from the emotions of her fans for the personal theme of her new self-titled record.

“The album and the sound of it actually came about from my travels; I wanted to actually marry dance music and R&B and have both of them on the record,” she says. “For so long for my start with Destiny’s Child we did a lot of R&B and it eventually graduated to become pop music.

“Then you had dance; a world I really wasn’t very familiar with. So to actually do a song from scratch the way I did [with] “When Love Takes Over” with David Guetta was organic.”

Rowland also speaks of her admiration for artists such as Stevie Wonder who, “married different genres of music together and never strayed too far from what he’s known for – which is that soul and it just felt good when you heard it… I think it’s important to stay close to home; that’s what got me here.

“Urban music is what got me here. Dance music, I’m inspired by.”

[Video via mrworldpremiere]

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