Kelly Price: “R&B is ‘Rhythm & Blues’ – it requires both” [Video]

Online R&B Lifestyle magazine Singersroom gets exclusive access to R&B diva Kelly Price in this short but candid interview in which Ms. Price talks about the forthcoming release of her new “long-awaited and highly anticipated” studio album Kelly, her first R&B offering for over seven years.

She also speaks candidly about the music business, understanding it, respecting it and “working the hell out of” it as well as the need to make a clear distinction between what R&B music really is and what is being marketed as R&B music.

We also listen to her give a short rendition of her new single ‘Not My Daddy’ in the middle of her interview. The single features Stokley Williams of Mint Condition and will be on her forthcoming album.

It’s very interesting to hear Kelly’s take on real R&B music and the music business in general and I do agree with her that true R&B music is in a good space right now but is it just me or do you find it uncanny that she doesn’t mention any new (mainstream) R&B singers in her description of R&B?

Kelly, the new studio album from Kelly Price, is scheduled for release on March 29th.