Kelly Price gives Jazmine Sullivan advice: “being inside the machine is stressful”

Soulful songstress Kelly Price offered young contemporary, Jazmine Sullivan some words of advice in response to Jazmine’s [un]official twitter announcement that she’s taking a break from music.

Speaking recently to Singersroom, Kelly, whose illustrious vocals brought her to fame in 1998 with songs including “Friend of Mine”, emphasized with the young singer and offered some encouraging words.

Citing Jazmine as one of her favourite new singers, Kelly expressed that she can relate to the pressure Jazmine’s under because they both sing “real music”.

“The very first thing I said when I heard that is she needs some different people around her.”

“It does get difficult because she does have to contest with the fact that she has a voice that is in fact a ‘voice.’ It’s not typical, it’s not common, it’s very unique; she’s not cookie-cutter; you can’t duplicate what she does just by going and picking some other kid off the street and say I want you to do what Jazmine Sullivan does.”

While the singer hadn’t (at the time of print) spoken to Jazmine, her advice to was, “being inside the machine is stressful.” Adding, “I would talk to her about being comfortable living in her skin and living inside the voice that God gave her. I don’t care what marketing schemes are put together, she will always be the best when doing what’s true to her.”

“She needs to sing what’s in her heart; she needs to sing what’s in her soul.”

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