Kelis: “I’m not the greatest singer in the world…But I’m honest.”


Electro-dance generally not being my thing, I’m a little miffed that Kelis’ new album [tentatively titled Flesh Tone] seems set to be completely electro-fied. Nonetheless, her back catalog features so many gems I’m going to listen in hope regardless. Fingers crossed for a few soulful cuts on there. Whilst perusing the web for information about her new album, I came across a couple of interesting/insightful interviews; read on.

Kelis’ new song, “Acapella”, premiered last month:

In her recent interview with VIBE, Kelis talks about being ‘consistently inconsistent’ with her music, disliking ‘celebrity’, a four year battle with her record label, motherhood and how it helped her through her divorce from Nas. I think she’s spot-on when she talks about truth and emotion in music making up for vocal limitations – but her voice has always been gorgeous to me.

Excerpt: “I don’t need opinion when it comes to my music. I’m not the greatest singer in the world and I have no desire to be. But I’m honest. And the artists that I always loved the most were never… sonically perfect. They were the Kurt Cobains and Nina Simones. For all intensive purposes, they can’t really sing. But, my God, they get your heart and you believe them and you follow them and they become apart of your life. That’s who I wanted to be. I fell in love again with music.” – Click to read the full VIBE interview: A Long Convo With… Kelis.

For insight into her new music, also check out Kelis’ interview with Idolator this month in which she talks about the electro-dance direction of her new album and signing with Music Group and Interscope despite her previous bad major label experiences.

Excerpt: “I spent so much time and energy getting off the label and getting out of my contract that when I finally did get out, I had not made any provisions or had any thoughts about what I was going to do next. So I took some time off. I really just shut down, even to the point where I was like, I don’t want to sing anymore. I went to culinary school and just regrouped and got my heart back for it. I started recording and dibbling and dabbling here and there. Honestly, the record just came together, and it felt so good that I didn’t want it to get swept under the rug with a smaller label.” – Read: The Idolator Interview: Kelis

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