Kanye West x Pusha T f/ Ghostface Killah – ‘New God Flow’ (Extended Version) | New Music

Not satisfied with just sampling Ghostface Killah‘s voice on “New God Flow,” Kanye West invited Starks to drop a full 16 on he and Pusha T‘s undeniable banger.

Any Ghost fan can tell you that an appearance from the Wally Champ can only make a song way fresher, and that’s exactly what happens here. Tone’s bars do nothing but supply some additional strength to what was already the strongest song on Cruel Summer, and serve as further proof that he’s still one of the nicest dart-throwers in the game.

Feast your ears below. Cruel Summer may have already hit the dark, shady corners of these here internets, but it won’t be released officially until September 18. Wonder if it’s too late to add this?

Listen: Kanye West x Pusha T f/ Ghostface Killah – “New God Flow” (Extended Version)