Pharrell Williams didn’t know what he was walking into when he went to Miami’s Art Basel fair to discuss his book, Places and Spaces I’ve Been. At the end of the Q&A session, none other than Kanye West popped up out of the shadows to ask a question, much to Pharrell’s delight and surprise.

The two entertainers have a long history of collaboration together, and even briefly formed a super-group together at one point, joining with Lupe Fiasco to form Child Rebel Soldier.

After surprising everyone in the room with his presence, Kanye asked Pharrell how he “developed such a high taste level and influenced so many people around the world.” Pharrell responded, “hanging around the right people and being unafraid to learn, and not feeling like a know-it-all” for much of his success.

He also offered some fashion-specific advice, noting that “all great things are made from a functional viewpoint first.” Watch the full video below.