Kanye West Named MTV News’ Man Of The Year

Kanye West beat Eminem (who came in second) and Usher to MTV News’ top spot of Man Of The Year. The network made the decision based on his media ‘comeback’, to his album My Beautiful Dark Fantasy, his tweets and his influence on pop music and culture in 2010. Lady Gaga was named MTV News’ Woman Of The Year.

[N]o one dominated the pop-culture landscape quite like he did. From his self-imposed hiatus to his triumphant return to his tantrums (and, of course, his tweets), everyone was talking about West in 2010. No one completed as compelling a comeback story, and most importantly, no one released an album as searing and soaring as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. And he did it all his way, without compromise or contrition. It truly was 12 months to behold.