Kanye West makes Tyler, The Creator’s “IFHY” music video his website landing page


Tyler, the Creator‘s relationship with Kanye West has been long documented as Kanye was one of the first major players to put Tyler on as he tweeted a link to the video for “Yonkers” saying it was the best video of 2011. Well it looks like Kanye’s at it again as he makes Tyler’s new video for “IFHY” the homepage to kanyewest.com.

The video, which was released a few days ago, and sees Tyler taking on the image of a miniature, male doll living in a doll house with a female counterpart, and has seemingly captured Kanye’s imagination as he makes the video the homepage on his website giving Tyler more exposure before his Wolf album’s April 2nd release.

Tyler Tweeted his excitement, saying that Kanye is one of the only people he could talk about creative subjects with.

Wolf is set for release on April 2nd [iTunes / Amazon].