Kanye West changes “Theraflu” single name to “Way Too Cold” | Music News

Since dominating the blogs last week with the release of “Theraflu,” Kanye West came under criticism from Theraflu, the cold and flu company with the same name, as they issued a statement denying any kind of endorsement of the song. Kanye has now decided to change both the name of the single as well as the artwork, which included an image of the Theraflu bottle.

The new single will now be called “Way Too Cold” and the artwork will be only altered slightly, with a blank white space being left where the bottle was. This has come slightly out of the blue, as, other than the original release of the statement from Theraflu, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of legal action taken against Kanye, so nothing to actually force him to make these changes.

Maybe this was a pre-emptive decision on Kanye’s part as future legal action would probably have delayed the release of the song. Or maybe the use of the Theraflu brand from the beginning was something he used to his advantage as it would undoubtedly get the single more press coverage. I guess we’ll never know.

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