Kano – Jack Bauer: The 7 Day Edition (Mixtape FreeLoad)

Raised in the golden era of pirate radio, Kane “Kano” Robinson quickly found notoriety on the underground circuit as a lyrical leviathan. Sidestepping the pitfalls of his East London environment, he honed his delivery alongside the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Wiley, developing a confident poise absent anywhere else in the capital.

Standing out from the rest of his peers, on his 18th birthday Robinson was offered the chance to make the leap from the underground to the mainstream in the form of a record contract with 679/Warner. Knocking back promising prospects in sport and academia, the young MC made the transition to an artist and accepted the proposal – and he has never looked back.

As one of the few underground star’s to cross over to the mainstream, Kano has appeared in The Fader, NME, i-D, RWD, Dazed & Confused, been playlisted on Radio1, Choice, Galaxy and Kiss and has performed everywhere from Glastonbury to Jools Holland. Among the awards won, Kano was named Best Newcomer at the MOBO’s, Best UK artist at the BET awards and was nominated for a BRIT award.

Rising above label politics, Kano has since taken the reigns to his career into his own hands after an amicable split from 679, launching his own label BPM Recordings. Whats next…?

“Too much Gucci not enough receipts. That muthafucker is a snide…Dubai” – Track Burglar (Jack Bauer: The 7 Day Edition).

The mixtape is born! “Call it a little present from me before I drop the big fourth album Method To The Maadness this summer,” Kano says. “For now, here’s quick thing I threw together in a week (7 days for real). The tape’s called Jack Bauer: The 7 Day Edition and I named it that because I felt like Jack from ’24’ working to a deadline to get this shit done ever since I opened my big fuckin’ mouth and said that I could do it. But yes, I does this!”

<a href="http://kano.bandcamp.com/album/jack-bauer-the-7-day-edition-www-kanosworld-com">Intro by Kano</a>


Kano’s fourth studio album, Method To The Maadness, is due for a summer release on Bigger Picture Music.

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