Kano – Girls Over Guns (Mixtape) | Free Download

We already brought you the exclusive 1st cut from Kano‘s Girls Over Guns mixtape “Room Service: Make Me Proud” now the London repping MC has dropped off the full tape. Now I know Kano said it’s only for the ladies “Strictly for the gyal dem” and hand delivered it via twitter into 100 ladies inboxes, but hey… That’s just being sexist! Ha!

So hit the jump for the tracklist and download link…

1- Loc Dog Intro – Girls Over Guns

2- Cooked Breaky: Fly Together featuring Scorcher

3- Lethal Weapon: Quickie

4- Gyal Dem Ting: Danger Love Riddim

5- Loc Dog – Fashion Question

6- Room Service: Make Me Proud

7- Ms. What’s Her Name

8- High Heels v Converse

9- Loc Dog – I Don’t Usually

10- K.A. Party

Download: Girls Over Guns Here.

Oh… by the way… Jack Bauer 2.4 is on the way!

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