Kano announces new mixtape ‘Girls Over Guns’ | Music News

Seems like Mr Kane Robinson better known as Kano has kicked his work rate into warp speed over the last few weeks. After delivering the weekly Not 4 The A List series with producer Mikey J (which you can download from here for free till Friday November 18th), starring in the very popular gritty Channel 4 drama Top Boy, releasing a freestyle over Common’s Blue Sky and joining Sway for the remix of “Still Speedin” the 26 year old MC took to twitter yesterday to announce a new mixtape project which is set to be unveiled this week.

Girls Over Guns is a mixtape STRICTLY for the ladies ONLY, we aren’t sure how he plans to deliver it but we know he plans to give it only to the females of the species exclusively.

“New Mixtape dropping next week!! STRICTLY for the gyal dem. I’m going in 4 my ladies on this one. Only they can have it! It’s a problem. #GirlsOverGuns. More info on the way K.A!”

After the hard as nails Not 4 The A List releases, we weren’t expecting this direction but before the men throw their toys of the pram, Mr K.A has a message for you.

“Man dem, your ting is coming soon. Your good. I got you. Dealing with the gyal dem right now… #GirlsOverGuns…and if you don’t wanna speech the ladies, boooy that’s your business. Ha!”

Stay locked for further updates.