Justin Bieber releases new song “Turn To You” for Mother’s Day | New Music

It’s pretty safe to say that having a superstar son would make any mother quite proud, but Justin Bieber is going above and beyond to make his mum smile. Having just received his High School diploma, all because his mum asked him to finish school so he’d have something to fall back on (not that he’d need it), he has now given her the extra Mother’s Day present of a song dedicated to her.

Dropping the new song “Turn To You” just in time for Mother’s Day, the lyrics to Bieber’s song talk about the struggle of his single mum, raising him at a young age all by herself. He credits her for the person he is now, and thanks her for everything she did for him. He Tweeted some of the lyrics earlier saying, “So when your lost and your tired, when your broken in two, let my LOVE take you higher, cause I still #TurnToYOu.”

Check out the adorable song below.

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