Justin Bieber f/ Ying Yang Twins – ‘Boyfriend’ (Remix) | New Music

Pinch me now. Atlanta’s once-popular Crunk/Snap duo Ying Yang Twins decided this Wednesday, May 10th was the day they would make their comeback, with a remix of Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend“. No, seriously, this is actually happening.

The duo, who are best-known (scratch that, worst-known) for having your Grandma shaking her behind like a “salt shaker“, haven’t really been relevant in the rap game since 2005, when the equally as troublesome “Wait (The Whisper Song)” was seducing its way to the upper tiers of the Billboard chart.

But with a new album penciled in later this year, they were probably hoping such a surprising (“bizarre”, “embarassing” and “dude, what the f*ck are you doing?” also apply in this context) move would generate some quick buzz.

Listen below. That’s if you really want to.

Listen: Justin Bieber f/ Ying Yang Twins – ‘Boyfriend’ (Remix)

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