Just incase you were wondering what happened to The Roots…

…well hardcore fans will know…they’ve taken a break from touring to be the house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

I guess everyone has an opinion about this… Personally, I think they’re doing right, just like I thought they were doing right when they got married to Jay-Z, what with the MTV Unplugged/Fade To Black/Sign to Def Jam route they took.

In all honesty, The Legendary crew deserve more recognition and this, it seems, is yet another great way for them to achieve that. In my mind, they still highly underrated and unappreciated. Plus, they’re getting paid, and these pinchy credit crunchy times, you can’t be mad at them for getting their hustle on.

For now, let’s enjoy this delightful clip with Black Thought doing something he should do more often: getting his grown man soul on!

The Roots slowjam the News on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: