Juicy J talks ‘Stay Trippy’ release, reality TV + money with The Breakfast Club [Video]


Juicy J has been absolutely everywhere lately, and it’s all in the run up to his new album release Stay Trippy. Previously thought to be released sometime in March, it seems hype around recent single releases “Bandz A Make Her Dance” and “One Of Those Nights” have kept him busy promoting in the clubs, pushing back his album slightly. The rapper stopped by The Breakfast Club to give some updates on what he’s working on.

The Three Six Mafia member confirms that the album isn’t finished yet, and will be coming out a little closer to Summer time. “It’ll probably come out sometime in June or July,” he says. “We don’t have a set date but we close to around that time.”

As for now, he’s making a surprising amount of money off of his lead singles from the album as he’s been performing anywhere that’ll have him, including the strip club. He’s also taking note from frequent collaborator and friend Wiz Khalifa by selling his own ‘Stay Trippy Mane’ merchandise.

With the rise in reality TV rappers with Joe Budden, Consequence and Jim Jones all seeing their profile raise on Love & Hip Hop, Juicy was also asked if he’d ever go down the reality TV route again. “If the cash is right, I mean I will. I can’t be out here for peanuts,” he says. “Reality TV is cool.”

Check out the 10 minute interview below.