Juicy J f/ Wiz Khalifa – “Know Betta” | New Music

When rappers try to sample the moody RnB of The Weeknd they often get a hard time from his fans and from critics who think his is a sacred sound not to be messed with. With “Know Betta”, a Taylor Gang double act of Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa actually do a surprisingly good job of it.

In some ways Juicy J’s codeine sippin‘ fixation makes him an unusual match for the Canadian, and Wiz must also know a thing or two about the transcendentalist experiences that come with a night of excess, but here they stay away from late-night-at-the-party- themes and turn the singsong French of  “Montreal” towards more menacing ends. The joint production team of Juicy and Crazy Mike add some deep, ominous synths and sharp percussion to the original production, and although the result might still leave some people unsatisfied (“These bitches know betta” isn’t exactly the smartest of hooks), this is music to vibe to.

Stream and download “Know Betta” below, courtesy of Juicy J..