Judge declares court order for Megaupload raid null and void; seized goods may be returned | News

A New Zealand judge has ruled that the court order used to seize goods from Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom‘s property should never have been granted and is “null and void.”

Police have admitted that they made a “procedural error” when filing documents which lead to the seizure of Dotcom’s property during the January 20 raid which led to the subsequent closure of Megaupload and seizure of the web domains it used.

A new ruling is expected from Justice Judith Potter to determine whether Dotcom’s property — which includes luxury cars, jet ski’s, TVs, jewellery, millions of dollars in investments and assets — should be returned to him. Dotcom’s legal team has called the confiscation of his property, which left Dotcom briefly unable to mount a legal defence, “unlawful” and that his goods should be returned.

[via BBC / Telegraph]