Jordan Ware x A$AP Rocky’s “Pe$o” Violin Cover [Video]

Music covers are a dime a dozen. Just head over to YouTube, type the words “cover version” and wahla… page upon pages upon pages of music covers ranging from the incredible to pretty awful.
However, since Miri Ben Ari fell into music oblivion, Hip Hop covers or good ones at that, have been few and far between.

Step forward violinist Jordan Ware who has been quietly been making a name for himself via covers of various Pop, R&B and Hip Hop tracks such as Jeremih‘s 50 Cent assisted joint “Down On Me,” Adele‘s “Rolling In The Deep,” and my personal favorite his cover of Lupe Fiasco‘s song “All Black Everything.” Towards the end of last month Jordan uploaded his cover of A$AP Rocky‘s highly popular heat rock “Pe$o,” which has since been making a lot on noise in the loving Hip Hop blogosphere. Watch the footage below of Jardan Ware’s interpretation of A$AP Rakim’s Rocky’s “Peso.”

[via smokingsection]