John Mayer – ‘Shadow Days’ | Music Video

Mr. John Mayer is at his best when penning classic songs made to set the mood, as shown with tracks like “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” and “Don’t Trust Myself.”

Hoping to recreate the magic once again, Mayer is on the verge of releasing his new album Born and Raised. Originally scheduled for an October 2011 release, the project was postponed and will now be released this May.

Due to issues Mayer has been having with a serious throat condition called Granuloma, this will be his last album. USA Today reports that Mayer will have to cancel all tours and refrain from singing indefinitely — sad news for Mayer fans like myself.

Mayer explained the condition in an open letter to fans posted on his blog, a portion of which reads:

“During rehearsal on Tuesday, it came to mind that I should see my throat doctor because something didn’t feel/sound right. I went in for a visit on Wednesday and a scope of my vocal cords revealed that the granuloma has grown back where it had mostly healed. This is bad news. Because of this, I have no choice but to take an indefinite break from live performing. Though there will be a day when all of this will be behind me, it will sideline me for a longer period of time than I care to have you count down.”

With that being said, at least the last material listeners will get from the singer is beautiful material like this gem, “Shadow Days.” For the video, Mayer premieres a new long hair hairdo reminiscent of Neil Young, and we see the singer taking road-trips across the country, stopping at diners and motels along the way.

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