John Brown – “Head To Toe” | New Music

Whether it’s classic Erykah Badu or brand new Chris Brown, there’s no genre that gets it on with the sunshine quite like R&B. Since the beginning of time (or at least the mid-1980s), it’s been a certainty that smooth mid-tempo R&B cuts will grace car stereos and BBQs every year from April to September.

R&B might be taking a back-seat in the charts right at the moment but a whole heap of the genre’s trademark summertime bangers have been dropping of late, and most of them have come from brand new artists – this is one of those. “Head To Toe” is by newcomer John Brown, who hails from Detroit and is signed to Universal Republic. It’s not exactly ground-breaking but with a track like this, it’s all about that sunshine vibe. Love it.

John Brown – Head To Toe