Joey Bada$$ x Pro Era – Interview + freestyle [Video]

Fresh off the release of his debut mixtape, 1999, Joey Bada$$ rounded up his Pro Era cronies to head over to The FADER offices in New York. The crew stopped by for a quick interview, where they discussed their early love for rap (“I heard Stillmatic before I heard Illmatic” producer Chuck Strangers stated, really highlighting the generation gap between them and their style of music), being “role models”, keeping the collaborations in-house and making a Pro Era album, which Joey says is the next move.

Also, probably because they couldn’t help themselves, the crew then kickstarted a cypher to the backing of a table beat (the Clipse “Grindin'” way), with Chuck, Capital STEEZ and Joey all dropping some hot lines. The freestyles are continued in the second video, where the rest of the group get involved.

Check it out below.