Joell Ortiz spits an insane 4 Minute Acapella Freestyle [Video]

I consider myself to be very open-minded when it comes to Hip Hop. I like and regularly listen to a wide range of Hip Hop artists from the UK, US, France, Canada, Japan and Ghana (just to name a few). However… If I had to choose the style of Hip Hop that I love and enjoy listening to, it would have to be Lyrical Hip Hop. The type of Hip Hop that causes one screw up their face, as if they had just smelt a bad fart, as a result of an emcee blacking out with words, creatively detailing events that helps the listener to paint that very same image (or occasion) in their head without much difficulty. Joell Ortiz is exactly one of those type of emcees…

At a recent gig in Orlando, Florida at Club LAX, the Slaughterhouse rhymer, to put it bluntly… Blacked the f**k out for four minutes straight, only stopping a few times to take a breath. Usually, I would type out part of an emcee’s verse but on this occasion I’ll fall back from doing that as I don’t want to spoil it for you… Take it away Mr. Ortiz!

[via Feed Of Rap]