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Joel Baker

Take vocals steeped in a rich Nottinghamshire dialect, weave them seamlessly with delicate tales of everyday love, and package it neatly within acoustic melodies. The result? Joel Baker – the singer/songwriter with potential to be more than just a familiar voice in 2013.

The emerging 22 year old UK prodigy has already won plaudits for his numerous covers, impressionable singles and carries a huge amount of momentum going into the release of his forthcoming EP. First provoking interest in 2012 after sharing the stage with friend and Get Familiar associate Nick Brewer, Baker’s composed live performance of the Kano and Mikey J smash “E.T.” opened the eyes and ears of many, as his flip of the raucous anthem to a mellow affair early showed signs of the young man’s ability to add new life to already tested material.

The formula of refixing past material continued throughout the year, notably when working alongside exciting collective The Confect. The group’s noteworthy involvement in the production of Baker’s material blossomed into a winning combination for both of the acts respectively. Whilst covering tracks by J. Cole, Drake and Finley Quaye added numerous merits to his name, it was their re-working of the Kendrick Lamar anthem “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” which escalated the songwriter into the radar of potential star.

With its haunting, labyrinth-like echo, Baker vocally stretches every word of Lamar’s poetic piece, resulting in an oceanic listening experience. The accolades heaped upon the remakes led towards the 2013 release of the SClusive free EP, Between King’s Cross and Old Street; containing the Kendrick remake alongside covers of tracks by Kanye West, Bob Marley, Finley Quaye and Kings of Leon.

When embracing the pen to narrate his own original thoughts and feelings, Joel’s words are as intrinsic and emotive as those whose verses he recites with conviction. Composed of hearty foot stomps and claps, “Further Than Feelings” – the first track from his upcoming EP Long Sleeves – expresses the beauty of a relationship beyond superficial bearing.

A charming musician whose material instantly evokes emotion and thought, Joel Baker will most certainly captivate the hearts of those after the purest of musical experiences. Whilst his shy demeanour may not crave the spotlight, the uncontainable talent which he possesses may inevitably force him right into it. Get Familiar.

Joel Baker online: / @JoelBakerMusic / Facebook / YouTube / Soundcloud

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