Jimmy Fallon aka Big Justin Bieber + The Roots – “It’s Not My (Baby)” [Video]

Amidst the furore over the shocking demise of female icon and role model Kim Kardashian’s long-standing marriage, one major celebrity story involving the crown prince of Pop might just have passed you by. Let me break it down – over in the USA, a 20-year-old pregnant woman has accused Justin Bieber of allegedly knocking her down backstage at a show in LA, as a result of which, she’s now been knocked up.

Bieber and his camp deny everything, but that hasn’t stopped Jimmy Fallon getting involved. Last night on his Late Night show, Fallon (aka Big Justin Bieber) and house band The Roots vented on the scandal, performing new single “It’s Not My (Baby)”, which may or may not be an actual song. It’s awesome.

via [Miss Info]