Harlem’s Capo Jim Jones isn’t content on making his latest release just a musical concept. The Dipset rapper will be dropping his Vampire Life 2: F.E.A.S.T. The Last Supper or simply F.E.A.S.T. (which stands for “Family Eatin’ and Stay True”) mixtape on May 1st and will be taking the tape to screens, too.

“I picked, like, eight songs, and I’ve strung ’em along like movies,” he told Mixtape Daily recently. “Something good for people to look at. I haven’t seen something like that in a minute. I think it’ll be very interesting.”

The mixtape won’t feature his Diplomat brothers Cam’ron or Juelz Santana, but a mix of the crew’s affiliates and fresh faces in Trav, Sen City, T.W.O. and more. Future also makes an appearances to give F.E.A.S.T. even more street legitimacy.

Watch the trailer for the mixtape below and peep the full tracklist after the jump.


1. F.E.A.S.T Prelude
2. No Way f/ Trav
3. Paper Chase f/ Trav
4. Comin From f/ T.W.O + Sen City
5. Get Mine f/ Sen City
6. True Religion f/ Ryder + Hynief
7. 60 Rackz f/ T.W.O
8. Show Off f/ Trav
9. Don Juan f/ Mel Matrix
10. Don’t Judge Me f/ Future
11. Top of the Year f/ Sen City, Mel Matrix, T.W.O, Lady H, Trav, Shoota, Chris Luck + Pure
12. Suicide f/ Ryder, T.W.O + Sen City
13. Forgive f/ T.W.O
14. Youu f/ Sen City
15. AirOnes f/ Ryder
16. Sleep When You’re Dead f/ Trav, Mel Matrix + Shoota
17. Vamp Life