Jessie Ware – ‘Wildest Moments’ (Star Slinger Remix) | New Music

It doesn’t take long for Manchurian producer and DJ Star Slinger to get his hands on a hit and put his own twist on it. Slinger, who has remixed songs the likes of Rihanna‘s “We Found Love,” A$AP Rocky‘s “Peso” and Drake and The Weeknd‘s “Crew Love,” now takes his turn on UK singer Jessie Ware‘s latest single, “Wildest Moments.”

If you’ve heard any of Star Slinger’s remixes before, then you know to expect a bass-bumping twist. Slinger speeds up Ware’s vocals and picks up the tempo of the beat a notch but still manages to keep the track’s mellow feel intact.

The original version of “Wildest Moments” is available to purchase via iTunes, and will also appear on Ware’s debut album Devotion, due for release August 20th.

[Source: MTHRfnkr]