Jesse Boykins III – “The Perfect Blues” [Demo Version] | New Music

To say the very least… this song is Soul perfection to the ears. Recorded in Madrid, Spain late last year, the track entitled “The Perfect Blues” is also set to feature on Jesse Boykins III‘s forthcoming joint project with MeLo-X  ZULU GURU. If this is the “demo” version then I can’t wait to listen to the finished product. Read how the track came together below…

I wrote this back in november while I was out in Madrid during my stay at The Red Bull Music Academy alongside Gora Sou, an 18 year old producer from Germany. Its one of 3 or 4 songs I wrote while I was there. As soon as he played me the track I already had lyrics by time I was done listening. This song will also be featured on my next release ZULU GURU. stay tuned. #schwaza
“This song is the perfect explanation for what it means to be a human being in love with danger and risk-taking in relationships,” – Jesse Boykins III

Listen… Jesse Boykins III – “The Perfect Blues” [Demo Version]

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