Jesse Boykins III – “Light To Dark” | Music Video

SoulCulture La Familia Jesse Boykins III & Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette join forces to create the visuals for the official video for “Light To Dark” produced by Gold Panda which is taken from the nomadic soul singer’s latest EP release Way Of A Wayfarer (which you can download here). The beautiful visuals created by Jesse & Joshua with help from Sam Sneed of We Are Not Pilgrims, Ali of A noble Savage and Cleon Grey is set in NYC sets the scene for a Wayfarer on his journey to find his true self fueled by Love. Watch the video below.

Song Lyrics :
The Afflictions I have witnessed has me on edge,
with a memory of a nightmare, a nightmare I blend,
in with realism though I’ve chizzled the dreams in which I web.
Where can I catch the falling hearts to help me make amends,

Learning forgiveness , holding on to the climate, til its ready to Reign.

The absent minded take the lead, driven blinded by what they don’t need, Zealous query for themselves , endless worry on everyone else.
I see things different light towards the dark, culture creator I make it with my heart.