Jermaine Riley turns Diggy’s “Copy Paste” into “Kryptonite” | Free Download x Lyrics

We already brought you an exclusive in the form of “The Homeless Hero“, now the former FDM member turned solo R&B superhero Jermaine Riley hits us with some brand newness to kick of the week in the form of “Kryptonite” his refix of Diggy Simmons recently released debut single “Copy Paste”. Riley tells the story of his personal Kryptonite (one of two things that can hurt/kill Superman, the other is magic *Geek 101*) which in Jermaine’s case is a woman.

Listen, Download and full lyrics after the jump.


VERSE 1: (I gotta) Take it like a soldier / (She’s like) Take it like the Superman you said you were baby / She doesn’t wanna say words / She just wants to leave like a supervillain after the fight

I asked her how she could do it / How could she go / Thought we were stronger we been through it so / I gave you all that you wanted / It wasn’t enough clearly you didn’t love me the way…

PRE: I thought you did / Thought you’d always be there / Seems that I was wrong, I was weak / Now I see that

HOOK: She was the crime that nearly took my life / Like a thorn up in my side, had to realise / She’s my Kryptonite yeah / My only weakness (w-weakness) / That’s what she is (x2)

POST-HOOK: Kryptonite yeah, Kryptonite oooh / Kryptonite yeah, Kryptonite uh-oooh / Kryptonite yeah, Kryptonite oooh / Kryptonite yeah, Kryptonite uh-oh-oh-uh

VERSE 2: I’m over here wounded / You walked out the door like you didn’t care, what did I do / To deserve this, I wouldn’t have saved your ass if I knew you was gon’ turn into a bitch / Was a fool ’cause I…

Jermaine Riley’s free album Hello Earth will be released soon. Read our interview with Jermaine here.

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