Jeremih performs Adele’s “Rumour Has It” for Billboard Mashup Mondays [Video]

Chicago born R&B singer Jeremih wraps his leather-clad hand around a drumstick and belts out a cover of soulful Brit Adele‘s “Rumour Has It”, from her hit album 21, for Billboard latest Mashup Mondays feature, diverting into a little of Bowie’s “Under Pressure” leading into his own single “Down On Me” originally featuring 50 Cent.

“You probably never have heard this type of sound from my voice so I just wanted to touch it and see if I could do it,” the singer tells Billboard of his song choice, highlighting the song’s bridge as his favourite part. Expressing his admiration for Adele; “I think she’s one of the hottest new breakthrough artists… I love [Adele]’s sound of music, it kind of gives me the old Motown sound of music that I grew up listening to.”

Watch Jeremih’s take on Adele’s song below.