Jeremih ft. 50 Cent – “Down On Me” | New Music

A new cut from Jeremih‘s forthcoming sophomore LP, this time featuring 50 Cent. Inbetween tweeting porn stars and posting raunchy twit-pics, 50 recently praised the Chicago native singer on Twitter; “Anybody who think$ they dont like jeremih i$ gonna have to change there mind I’m telling you hi$ album i$ crazy.”

Jeremih recently spoke with Rap-Up about his new album, All About You, and the change in dynamic with the project’s producer, Mick Shultz.

“It was different…” he said of recording his sophomore project. “I feel like we have a great chemistry when we’re in the studio. We actually knew that we had a job to do now that I am a signed artist.

“I felt like the first time we met, we were just writing records and just coming up with music, not that it wasn’t so fun anymore, but not with the mind set that I am an artist and this is going to be all me, and [that] I have to have a point to prove here.”

All About You drops on September 28 via Def Jam.

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