Jean Grae – “Kill Screen” | New Music

“I watched The King of Kong and thoroughly both respected and understood [Donkey Kong master] Steve Wiebe’s drive and passion. I like rooting for the underdog. I understand being the underdog.” – Jean Grae.

Cape Town, South Africa born, New York raised emcee (and part-time geek) Jean Grae, takes us on a 64-bar rampage over an 8-bit influenced self-produced soundscape on “Kill Screen” which is taken from her forthcoming Gotham Down project and will be followed by the much anticipated Cake Or Death album.

The new track inspired by the 2007 indie documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, is just further evidence that Jean is one of the best lyricists out right now and if the rest of Gotham Down is as good as this, we are in for some greatness.

Listen To: Jean Grae – “Kill Screen”