JAZZY – “Boomerang (Come Back)” | New Music

Los Angeles bred songstress Jazmine “JAZZY” Bailey, is trying her best to make a name for herself by combining seductive melodic harmonies with a Hip Hop edge, and it’s definitely working.

Here’s new music from the Los Angeles bred vocalist JAZZY in the form of “Boomerang/Come Back,” co-written by JAZZY herself, as well as Cheri-Gobert and with production from WowJones.

“Boomerang/Come Back,” instantly puts you into the mindset of something that would’ve been on Letoya Luckett’s album, Lady Love.  The lyrics of this track are ultra relatable to anyone who has been in a relationship, and gone back and forth: “Try to leave but we always come back, Boomerang.”  Another cool aspect of this song is how to production kind of slows down, it matches the vulnerability that she speaks of: can’t let her significant other go, can’t be friends and etc.

Can’t wait to hear more music from JAZZY.  She is currently touring the East Coast and in the studio recording her sophomore album as well as working with the legendary Busta Rhymes on his upcoming album.

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