Jazz Cartier – ‘Ataraxia’ | Music Video

Jazz Cartier‘s a new name in our musical dictionary, and it may be in yours, too (unless you’re really on your tastemaker ish). After an extended hiatus from music, the 18-year-old rapper outta Toronto serves up the first sample of his forthcoming mixtape, Marauding in Paradise, with “Ataraxia”, and delivers a striking set of visuals to accompany.

Although anchored by a soft backing boom bap loop, “Ataraxia” is swamped by spacey synths and Cartier’s fixed-pace and deep-toned bars that hold a melody of their own. However, it doesn’t just sound good to the ears; the emcee hides a few witty lines in his verses like “Like a lit cigarette, slick with my intellect/I’m a Rap Genius, go and catch a rhyme you didn’t get”.

Meanwhile, directors Ross Lai and Ashton Lewis capture the lethargic vibes of the audio with some filtered slow-mo shots, filmed in a desolate car park, with the addition of an inventive twist to the visual storyline.

Canada may be the birthplace to some of pop music’s biggest stars (need I even name names?), but the country’s cultural capital looks to be home to another burgeoning new hip-hop talent – one that’s far set from the blueprint.


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