Jay-Z talks Watch The Throne release strategy & “making music for the sake of enjoying it” [Audio]

With many of the music buying public still in awe of the Watch The Throne LP and its unconventional release strategy, Jay-Z took some time out of his busy schedule to call into 99 Jamz, one of Miami’s premier Hip hop and R&B radio stations to speak to DJ Lorenzo Thomas and discuss the reasons behind the album’s marketing strategy, it’s ‘street single’ “H.A.M”, it’s official first single “Otis”, the meaning behind the title of the album and the forthcoming Watch The Throne tour as well as partying in Miami and things he has learned from his better half, Beyoncé.

On the meaning behind the title of the Watch The Throne album…
“It’s just protecting the music and the culture… it’s just making sure that [we] make the best product so that we can contend with all these other music [genres]. With Dance music that’s dominating the charts right now and Indie music that dominating the festivals. Just to hold our place and make sure that Hip Hop culture is the most dominant form of music around the world.

Speaking on the album’s marketing strategy…
“I wanted to take it back, errrr…. we – I got to remember I’m part of a group now. We wanted to take it back to that listening experience that we had. Like when we first got albums and we opened them and heard for the first time. Now with social media and Twitter you can have that discussion with everybody around the world. Before we was having it three or four of us around the block and now you can go on Twitter and have that conversation all around the world. I just wanted people really to enjoy and experience the album for the first time, together.”

Listen to the rest of the interview below:

[via UHTN]

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